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Social Security & Medicare

Claiming Social Security benefits and applying for Medicare are important issues connected with two significant concerns that almost you may have:

  1. Implementing sufficient sustainable income streams in retirement, and
  2. Addressing health care costs in retirement.

The great news is that both Social Security and Medicare are benefits that we may be entitled to as we get older and retire. However, more unsettling news may be that accessing Social Security and Medicare benefits are surrounded by complexity and a labyrinth of rules. 

As part of our comprehensive planning process we analyze the rules of the Social Security and Medicare programs in conjunction with your surrounding circumstances and objectives to arrive at relevant alternatives to discuss.

Social Security benefits is one part of a well-balanced retirement income plan…but it is an important one. After all, where else can you get the promise of an inflation-adjusted benefit that will last your entire life guaranteed by the federal government? However, it may be possible to optimize Social Security benefits by making good decisions.

Medicare is our country’s public health insurance program for those turning 65. There are individual parts to the program dealing with hospitalizations, medical services from doctors and prescription medication. There’s also a maze of rules dealing with eligibility to enroll, timing to enroll and penalties if you get it wrong.

Our website offers resources in these areas. Please contact us for more information or to schedule some time to discuss your social security benefits and Medicare eligibility.

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