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Retirement & Cash-Flow Planning

Retirement can mean many different things. For some it may mean the inactivity of aging in a hammock on a tropical island, but to others it may mean working as a caregiver for family, going back to school, or re-careering.

What is your definition of retirement? What is your retirement vision and timeline? More important, what are the obstacles the need to be overcome and the financial decisions that need to be made?

In general, a good retirement plan needs to address several basic risks, including:

  • The risks imposed by longevity
  • The risks imposed by inflation
  • The risks imposed by changing income tax laws
  • The risks imposed in investing
  • The risks imposed by the costs of healthcare

Our planning process examines all these risks as well as any others which may appear in any individual case. Furthermore, we measure the impact of financial decisions to determine how likely it is that these decisions might be helpful in achieving specific goals. Understanding current cash in-flows and out-flows and how they may change in the future is key to understanding a likelihood of successfully achieving financial goals.

We all have many financial objectives, and all of them are competing for funding from the same source of money. We have found that examining the risks to successfully reaching one’s goals and how current resources are being allocated provides a mechanism to enhance the chance of success.

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