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Want to learn more about cybersecurity? Or monitoring your financial well-being? We now provide digital versions of our most popular seminars, and more are coming!

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4 Keys to Making a Difference in a Family Caregiving Challenge

A long term care incident may certainly be one of those bad things that can happen, and not planning adequately for care in such a situation can exacerbate the effects to the individual’s health, to their finances and even to their loved ones. This presentation covers how to start making your caregiving plan. 

Social Security 2 - What Individuals Should Know to Maximize Family and Survivor Benefits (Archived)

Social Security is more than just retirement benefits. However, there is a limit on the maximum amount of benefits which may be paid to a family.

This presentation discusses family and survivor benefits and strategies for claiming these benefits.

Special attention will focus on strategies which are designed to maximize the Social Security benefits coming into the household.
In addition to a few retirement claiming strategies, divorced spouse benefits, children’s benefits and widow(er)’s benefits will also be discussed.

Transitioning to Medicare

This presentation addresses some important steps when transitioning to Medicare from private or employer sponsored plans, understanding your first-year healthcare costs, and planning for lifetime healthcare costs. 

Social Security 1: What Workers Should Know to Maximize Their Retirement Benefits (Archived)

This presentation addresses some of the basic concepts workers should understand so they can make good decisions about their retirement benefits. Included is a discussion about: The future health of Social Security benefits; the benefit calculation methodology and options for claiming benefits; taxation of benefits; and retirement benefit strategies with hypothetical case studies

Savvy Social Security Planning: What Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income (Archived)

When your parents retired, they probably didn't think too much about Social Security. They took their benefits for granted and didn't ask very many questions. But baby boomers are approaching the Social Security question in a very different way. Social Security is far more valuable than most people realize.

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Estate Planning in the Time of Coronavirus (Archived)

If ever there was a time for people to get their affairs in order, this is it. No one is immune from this virus. Many of us are already feeling some anxiety about the state of our estate planning and may not be sure of the things we should be doing. We're not going to talk about estate planning in its entirety in this presentation. Instead we're going to focus on what can be done right now to offer some immediate protections. 

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30 Minutes to Savvy Cybersecurity (Archived)

Even as you read this presentation summary, a vast array of cyberattacks are pounding at the walls of security networks built to protect us and our digital persona. Although the foregoing may sound dramatic, the truth is that criminals, individual hackers and even governments are seeking access to our personal and confidential information. The goal of this presentation is to identify some common cybersecurity threats every person and business faces and some of the steps that can be taken to combat them.

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Hack-Proof Your Smartphone

One of the most common cybersecurity questions I get from clients and prospects is about protecting your smartphone from hackers. It makes sense that this is such a hot topic since our cell phones have gone from devices that could only make calls to essentially mini computers that we can fit in our pockets. They hold nearly all of our personal information and often our work data as well. They are a goldmine for hackers and it's incredibly important that we are protecting these devices correctly.

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21 Key Stats for Tracking Your Financial Health (Archived)

Just as you and your doctor track numbers dealing with your medical conditions... paying attention to key financial numbers can provide a kind of early warning of potential financial issues down the road. We as financial planners, pay a lot of attention to our clients' financial numbers so that proactive action can taken before it becomes necessary to react to an emergency. 

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