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Investment Planning

Our approach to investment planning relies on core principles developed and tested since the inception of our firm. These principles are:

  • Asset allocation provides the foundation to managing portfolio risk and return potential;
  • Tax efficiency and asset location are critical;
  • Portfolio expenses must be scrutinized;
  • No single money management firm can be all things to all people; and
  • Our most important role is to be an objective advocate. Our goal is to control costs, be tax efficient and manage risk. This provides an effective way of helping achieve your financial goals.

We leverage the power of technology to drive our disciplined five-step investment and implementation process:

  • Step 1 - Advice and planning
  • Step 2 - Portfolio modeling, analysis and design
  • Step 3 - Investment Policy Statement (IPS) development planning
  • Step 4 – Implementation through asset management
  • Step 5 - Ongoing monitoring, due diligence and reporting through our investment advisory programs.

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