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The FWDG Story

Family Wealth Decisions Group is a true team practice and our mission is pretty simple and straight forward:

  1. To have a meaningful positive impact on the lives of our clients
  2. To help our clients achieve what is important to them
  3. To help our clients identify risks in life and help them reduce the impact of those risks
  4. To allow our clients to make informed financial decisions and become good stewards of their wealth. 

In order to accomplish this ideal, we meet with our clients' other advisors, as well as participate in family meetings. Although we do not provide legal or tax advice, we work with our clients along with their legal and tax advisors to help shape the future of their wealth.

We adhere to Lincoln Financial Advisors' philosophy of "Serve First, Last and Always"SM - the one that uniquely defines the way we do business. The essence of this philosophy is that in all client engagements, we are committed to do whatever is required to get our clients to take the actions that are necessary to put their financial affairs in order. The hallmark of our firm has always been to deliver personalized financial plans and solution strategies to help meet the unique needs of our clients.

Why is all of this important?
Because wealth does not come with instructions.