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Roy's Story

I worked for Suffolk County as an environmental scientist for over 12 years, I was president of a New York State Registered Mortgage Broker corporation for nearly 8 years, I managed a plastics wholesale and metal casting operation for a combined 18 years and I practiced law for about 18 years – all before entering the financial services business in 1995.

One of the benefits of my prior “occupational diversity” is the wisdom that experience brings. Although my private ventures were financially successful, they were not entirely fulfilling – except in one case.

As a mortgage broker, I was able to educate my clients on a subject that was critically important, but foreign to them. My facility with numbers and legal concepts allowed me to effectively convey information to allow my mortgage clients to make informed decisions, pay me and say thank you. Moreover, I was an advisor and an advocate - not an adversary.

Advice I once received is true: If you want to be happy for 5 minutes, eat a chocolate bar; for a week, go on vacation. But if you want to be happy for the rest of your life – help someone else. In the end, the happiness of our clients, is mine as well. That’s why I get up every morning and do what I do.