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Tis the season….. for Medicare

November 07, 2018

This is just a brief reminder that the annual Medicare open enrollment period begins October 15th and it runs through December 7th.

Medicare participants will be receiving information in the mail (if they haven’t already) about changes to plans. These plans can and do change from time to time and new plans may be introduced.  Therefore Medicare participants should read this mail to determine if there are any actions they should take.

The annual fall open enrollment period is usually the time that Medicare participants can change plans.

  • During this period you can switch from Medicare Advantage plan to another, from one drug plan to another or from a Medicare Advantage plan to original Medicare;

  • It may be possible to switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to original Medicare between January 1st and February 14th or to change Medigap policies at any point during the year, but there may be qualification and underwriting issues to consider.

The rules for enrollment and switching plans can get complicated therefore we suggest that you may want to consult the Medicare website ( for help.   We are also here to help.