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Is Your Important Information Organized?

January 06, 2021

Every time my Mom goes away, she calls me and tells me where she is leaving her information. This includes her Will, Health Care Proxy and a sheet of paper listing all her bank and investment account information, which includes, advisor names and phone numbers. This got me thinking…Is everyone so prepared in case something happens to a family member or significant other? The answer is… probably not. There are so many things that are important that we may not think about.

Whether or not you are going away, your significant other or  family member should know where to find things. Keeping all of this important information in an accessible, secure, centralized spot is key. Besides the obvious (Wills, Trusts, health care proxies, etc.), there are many other things that might need to be accessed.

Having a list of all bank and investment account numbers and advisor information could be extremely helpful instead of someone trying to piece things together when a crisis hits. The same goes for household bills. Usually one spouse pays all the bills. Would your significant other/family member know what bills need to be paid? Having a list of your bills, account numbers and phone numbers could definitely be helpful during a stressful time.

Where do you keep all your life and long-term care insurance policies? Who is the agent and what is their contact info?

Do you want your social media to still be active if something were to happen to you? Do you want someone to have access to get your important emails? Have you created an inventory of your digital assets and the credentials necessary to access them?

Where is your safe deposit box and where are the keys? Do you have a safe in the house?  If so, who knows how to access it?

Me being extremely organized, which I obviously get from my Mother, think this is the best way to keep your loved ones informed and a way to cause less anxiety and panic if something were to happen.

I have inherited strong organizational skills from my mother, so I have organized my personal information to reduce unnecessary anxiety in a time of crisis.

One of our goals at the Family Wealth Decisions Group is to be a repository for our clients’ personal information to reduce their anxiety and that of their families during times of intense difficulty.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you become organized, please contact us. Remember, we are here to help.

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