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5,000 Burpees 3,000 Squats and 25,000 Rope Skips in 2020

July 01, 2020

On November 17th, 2019 I started the Burpee Mini Challenge of 50 burpees per day. If you don’t know what a burpee is, a standard burpee begins in standing position moving into a squat, then stretch your legs out to a plank, followed by a pushup, back to a squat position then stand up into a jump. Many fitness experts say it is a great full body workout, with moderate impact. There are several burpee variations, but we do not recommend doing burpees before consulting your physician and a fitness consultant.

Since that day I started the challenge 100 days have passed in 2020 leveling out at 5,000 burpees. If I told someone else do 5,000 burpees they would probably say that is crazy, but taken in reasonable portions every day, over time it is amazing what you can accomplish. 

Starting in November, I only had the burpee goal. Beginning in January of 2020, I added a 30 squat and 250 jump rope daily goal. About a month ago I added a 20-pound weight to the squats. Without boring you with details, over time I added small, consumable daily challenges and now there are several activities that I do each day.

Were there days that I wanted to stop? Yes. Were there days that I felt like the workout was weak but got through it? Yes. There were also days that I had energy and wanted to do more. The key was: obtainable goals that were self-imposed

Luckily, this workout does not require a lot of space or machinery. As the coronavirus has been approaching its current state of restriction on our lives, I have had to adapt. The gym closed weeks ago, the roof of my building closed a week ago. Don’t tell anyone, but I do my workout in the garage of my building in Long Island City Queens NY. Who knows when “activity” in this area of the building will be disallowed. If that time does come, I can continue in my home and on the terrace maybe get outside when the weather permits. 

Why talk about a physical activity when we are usually dealing with planning and finance topics?

These are difficult times and we all need to find ways to remain active. Activity can provide benefits to our immune system[i], and it can provide a much needed mental break from all of the noise that is bombarding us from every angle.

From TV, Internet news, social media, our friends, our family, our colleagues, to the man on the street, we are absorbed with the virus. Maybe we should take some time to work on our physical and mental health during this crisis. 

I want to make one more point about the action of a burpee that has had a positive psychological effect on me. I will cite a YouTube video that started this whole burpee challenge last year because the vlogger made a point that hit home. There is something about bringing yourself down to the ground at a low point and then picking yourself up that really feels good[ii].

During this crisis it seems we are having to continually try to pick ourselves up. Don’t do burpees if you may hurt your knees or your back, or without consulting a physician or fitness consultant first. But find that one thing. That one small, obtainable, self-imposed activity that helps you to pick yourself up each day.

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